The Joy of GSoC :)

Wooo... this is the last day of coding phase of GSoC. I am writing this blog to share my experience and work done in the coding phase. I want to specially thank my mentor David Rosca for his help, suggestions and reviews. This was my first exposure to the KDE community and I am proud that it was great. I really enjoyed the whole program from proposal submission - intermediate evals - then now this final evaluation. Also, I had learned a lot working on my project. Frankly speaking, I didn't knew about i18n and l10n much but with the help of my mentor now I have a quite good understanding of how these works and are implemented. I can truly say this was one of my best summer vacations.

The code will soon be merged with the master branch of falkon. You can see my status report page for more details about the work done during GSoC. Also in the last weeks I have implemented an extensions page for falkon similar to about:addons in firefox. Below is the screenshot of falkon:extensions page. This also enables to remove the extension from local storage. Also, the themes can be viewed and controlled by the theme panel on the same page.



And yes, I will regularly contribute to KDE community specially Falkon.

Happy August