Eighth & Ninth week of coding phase, GSoC'18

I am very happy that the third phase of coding phase has begun. The following work is done in eighth & ninth week:

  • UserScript API
  • Ability to register external QtObject
  • ExtensionScheme API

UserScript API

The API to interact with browser user-scripts. This will enable the plugin to create, register, remove, and get all the user-scripts loaded in the browser. Also the scripts registered by it will automatically gets unregistered when the plugin unloads.

Ability to register external QtObject

Since the UserScript API is developed, so the next step was to develop a channel between qml-plugin and webengine. The ExternalJsObject type will enable a QtObject to register as external js object as Falkon.ExternalJsObject.registerExtraObject ({id, object}) and Falkon.ExternalJsObject.unregisterExtraObject({object}) to unregister the object.

ExtensionScheme API

Now as both UserScript and ExternalJsObject APIs are developed, the next step as suggested by my mentor was to implement an extension:// page for qml-plugins.

This time, unfortunately I am yet to add the documentation & tests of the following APIs, but I will complete it soon.

Happy Monsoon :-)