Sixth week of coding phase, GSoC'18

Woo.. this is the 6th weekly post - the midway of GSoC (12 weeks). In this 6th week, the following work is done:

  • Documentation: of the APIs developed in the previous week.

  • Menus API: The API exposing WebView contextmenu.

  • Settings API: The API to store settings in form of Key-Value pair for plugins

Menus API

The Menus API enables the QML Plugin to add an action, separator or menu to the WebView context menu. This API is not similar to the WebExtensions Menus API but is rather Falkonish!

Context menu on image

Settings API

The Settings API enables the QML Plugin to store settings as key-value pairs and uses QSettings to store the data. Developing this API was interesting because it led to a bug-fix (bug was in my previous work) and enabling creating child items in QmlPluginInterface.

Plugin's settings window

I have also created a video to demonstrate the used of Menus and Settings API in HelloQML plugin. The source of HelloQML plugin can be viewed here.

I am very thankful to my mentor David Rosca for suggesting and reviewing the design of the APIs.

Happy Monsoon :-)