1. The Joy of GSoC :)

    14 August, 2018
    This marks the last day of coding phase. Here I have shared my experience for one of my best summer vacations.
  2. Eighth & Ninth week of coding phase, GSoC'18

    15 July, 2018
    The third phase of coding period has begun. During this period, UserScript API, ExtensionScheme API and ability to register a QtObject as an external js object are developed.
  3. Seventh week of coding phase, GSoC'18

    01 July, 2018
    During this period Events API, I18n API and improvements in Tabs API are introduced.
  4. Sixth week of coding phase, GSoC'18

    24 June, 2018
    A log of progress made in the sixth week of coding phase. This includes Menu API, Settings API and documentation of the APIs developed in previous weeks.
  5. Fifth week of coding phase, GSoC'18

    17 June, 2018
    This includes developing GUI for QML Plugins. Two new APIs are introduced for this - BrowserAction API and SideBar API.
  6. Fourth week of coding phase, GSoC'18

    11 June, 2018
    The work done in this week was quite diverse - writing documentation, fixing leaks and developing APIs.
  7. Third week of coding phase, GSoC'18

    04 June, 2018
    Clipboard API, Notifications API and Tabs API is introduced.
  8. Second week of coding phase, GSoC'18

    28 May, 2018
    TopSites API, History API and Cookies API are introduced.
  9. First week of coding phase, GSoC'18

    21 May, 2018
    The work done this week focuses on three things - Enable loading/unloading of QML plugins in Falkon, Adding permission to existing plugin infrastructure for allowing plugin in incognito, and Developing QML Bookmarks API similar to WebExtension API.
  10. GSoC' 2018: I am in :)

    24 April, 2018
    I got selected in Google Summer of Code under KDE to implement JavaScript/QML extension support for Falkon.